Overhanging tree limbs and branches can cause critical damage to your home and loved ones. The wind can cause damage with even smaller branches, as the friction can damage your home's roof and siding. It's recommended to keep all trees branches at least 10 feet away from your home. This also has the added benefit of keeping squirrels and other critters off of your home's roof.



Did you know that water damage can appear up to twenty feet or more from its point of entry? Often times, the source of leakage can be as small as a pinhole, hardly recognizable to anyone other than a caring, competent professional. Water damage is among the most costly and damaging reasons for home repair. Water will enter your home and follow the path of least resistance, leaving mold, mildew and algae in its wake. If not repaired immediately, the costs can be catastrophic.


Moisture is the enemy and cause of many home repairs. It is the root cause of the harmful mold, mildew and algae that can accumulate in dark, damp environments. An annual inspection can identify potential problem areas before they impact you. For example, an annual inspection can identify any harmful UV, hail or wind damage that would often go unnoticed until there was water damage inside of your home. Contact a professional if your home is in need of an annual inspection.


Many causes of roof repair begin with the gutters. Gutters are designed to catch the excess water from the roof and disperse it well away from your home's entries and foundation. In the process, gutters can also catch debris, limbs, leaves and other foliage that can disrupt the flow of water and cause it to collect. This added weight will also force the gutter down, allowing water to enter behind it, damaging the siding and foundation. Proper gutter maintenance is vital to maintaining the interior and exterior of your home.


Pipe boots are an often overlooked area of home roofing repair. It is vital to have the flashing points of your roof inspected by a caring, competent professional who is willing to get on your roof and physically evaluate each part of the various flashing points of your roof. These flashings come in different types of material and therefore break down differently. For example, the flashing around the vent pipes is made partially of rubber or a similar material. Depending on the quality of this material, it can dry rot just like a rubber band left of the sidewalk in the sun. Other flashing are made of metal, which will actually rust rather than rot. Sealant used around the metal can crack or peel. If left unaddressed, these issues will lead to major repairs.


Though ventilation often goes unseen, it's integral to your home's overall integrity. Allowing air flow to enter into your attic reduces the temperature, removing mold-inducing moisture that's caused by condensation and everyday household activities. Potential problems can arise when air flow is insufficient, either due to dust, debris, improper installation or other damage. Unnecessary home repairs can often be avoided with proper ventilation.

Proper ventilation will protect your home's shingles while reducing deterioration and improving energy efficiency.


In an industry as intricate and detail-oriented as home repair and renovation, knowledge is key. Ivory Home Solutions has a proven success in home improvements and renovations. Over the course of our work history, we've learned some helpful hints that are tried and true in preserving the value and quality of your home. Here are some quick and easy ways to maintain the beauty and integrity of your humble abode.

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